Foxhounds are a member of the hound dog breed group. The Hound group includes breeds originally used for hunting either by scent or sight. They require a good bit of exercise, and are considered to be aloof but trustworthy dogs.

Foxhounds are considered to be well natured dogs with a good disposition.Foxhounds have a strong instinct to hunt. It is very important to keep this in mind when excising them since they might hunt and kill small animals.  Only allow them to run in areas where there are no things for them to hunt. It is important to train recal so that you can recall them if they start hunting something.  They should be socialized with smaller household pets while they are still in the puppy stage.


Temperament and Personality

Foxhounds are excellent dogs for active, rural families. They love being outdoors and have the endurance to keep moving all day long. Foxhounds get along great with children and other dogs but cats should be kept away from these dogs.

Because they are like pack animals they enjoy the company of other dogs. Foxhounds are good working and pet dogs.  They are happy spending all dayhunting and all night playing with the kids.  They also love just sleeping by their owners feet.

Breed description

Fleet of foot, strong in the nose, an extremely loud bark; those are just a few of the many qualities that make the Foxhound such a superior hunting dog.

The breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.


Foxhounds will howl especially at night, and when left alone.  This is something you have to accept. It is vert hard, sometimes impossible, to train your dog to stop doing this completely. These dogs are not always a good choice if you have neighbors close by that might get disturbed by the howling in the night.

Training Ability

Patience is the key ingredient needed when training any type of hound, and composed assertiveness is also important. You need to be to rough on your foxhound.  You can not force it do what you want. You need to make training a game where it want to do what you want.   Foxhounds are reasonably easy to train, as are most hound breeds, but the trainability of individual Foxhounds can vary.

Care and Housing

A suburban home or small apartment is a poor fit for a domestic foxhound. This breed needs a lot of exercise. This makes them high maintenance dogs if you live in an apartment or suburban home.  You will need to spend hours exercising them.  They are more suitable for farms and larger estates where they can run in a safe area. This dog breed is happy to live outdoors as long as they have a small shelter.  They are hardy.  foxhounds wants to go out running and working no matter the weather.

Exercise Requirements

Those who are not hunters or who do not already jog hike, or bike daily should look to another breed, as should apartment or condo dwellers. A Foxhound that isn’t getting enough exercise  will be a unhappy, misbehaved dog.  Dogs that do not get enough exercise often display destructive behavior and excessive barking. It  is common for the dogs to have a neurotic behavior if they do not get exercised enough.

They can move for hours on end without getting tired, and once they catch a scent they become one hundred percent focused on tracking it. These dogs are a very determined and loveable breed.