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Foxhounds are considered by many to be the best mannered of all the scenthounds, and our organization is dedicated to helping rehome some wonderful Foxhounds that are looking for a new pack, new job, or after a lifetime of service, a life of leisure.

Foxhound Relocation and Retirement is a small but energetic, all volunteer, licensed New Hampshire nonprofit. We are just starting out, but we hope to add many more hounds in the future, so please come back and visit our web site often.

The majority of our foxhounds are retired from hunt clubs; some are strays pulled from shelters. Because most of our hounds have never lived in a house before, we foster all of our hounds so they can be evaluated and learn housemanners before becoming available for adoption.  We hope to add more foster families in the future, to enable us to help more hounds.  

Even if it's not the right time to add a foxhound to your life, but you'd still like to help, please visit our Wish List.




Due to a serious illness in our primary foster home's family, Foxhound Relocation and Retirement is unable to take in any new dogs other than those to which we have already made a commitment.  For assistance in placing a dog, including  listing a dog on our Referral pages, please continue.  

We will continue to list dogs that meet the requirements  for our Referral pages.  For referral listings, please fill out our Referral Page Form and send to Claudia. We also recommend listing hounds on the National List of Hounds & Hound Mixes Available for  Adoption web site.  If you are able to find an all breed rescue or shelter near you that will do a courtesy listing, Petfinder is one of the best sources for exposure for dogs of all breeds.    

Not sure you have a foxhound?  For assistance in identifying a dog, please e-mail Claudia and send at least one jpg photo.  A full body profile photo of the dog, preferably with tail up and feet visible is best.  Information about the dog's personality and habits will help with identification, especially since many strains of foxhounds look almost identical to several other breeds, especially their close cousins, the coonhound breeds.  

Found a stray?  SOS Beagle Rescue has some good recommendations on their web site. There are also some links to information on placing a dog yourself.

We apologize for any delay in replying to email.  Thank you  for your understanding.  




Foxhound Relocation and Retirement would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support and for holding fundraisers to benefit our hounds:*

North Carolina artist Jill Silver

PoundHounds, Hopkinton, MA

Woodlawn Pet Resort, Warner, NH

Pet Wear USA

Keegan Walden and www.denmothers.net


*We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions, which are entirely unintentional. If you feel your organization has been omitted, please email us so we may correct the error!



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Treat yourself to a great T-shirt (or two) and support our hounds at the same time!


Foxhound Referrals

Please check out the Foxhounds in other parts of the country that we have listed on our Referrals page.


Special Hounds

Learn about some special dogs looking for very special families, as well as dogs in hospice care.


Memorial Page

Saying good-bye to beloved friends.




If you have questions about life with Foxhounds, please mail us. We try to answer all email within 48 hours.  If you don't hear back from us within that time, we may not have received your email.  Please try sending it again or calling us at (603) 746-5622.  You are calling someone's home, so please limit your calls to between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Our adoption fees rarely cover medical expenses.  Monetary donations are always appreciated!  Donations may be sent to

Foxhound Relocation and Retirement
PO Box 676
Contoocook, NH  03229-0676

Foxhound Relocation and Retirement is a 501(c)(3) organization.  
Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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